Scientific Program

OVERALL THEME: “New challenges of applying one health approach in a changing environment’’

This ICOPHAI will allow scientists and professionals from Universities, the private sectors and governments to meet and discuss about science covering the 3 components of risk analysis (risk assessment, risk management and risk communication). As always, North and South countries exchanges will be promoted. The thematic areas for three special sessions will be: “Are animal production and sustainable environment compatible from a risk analysis perspective?”, “Emergence of antimicrobial resistance in the era of drug use and misuse”, and “Capacity Building of One Health taskforce”.

A total of seven other sessions on various thematic areas, including food safety, climate change, social and behavioral sciences in biosecurity approach, vaccines, environmental risk management, zoonotic diseases management, risk perception and communication. Chairs and Keynote Speakers for all sessions and the plenary one will be:

September 23
Pre-conference workshop
Workshop topics - Salle du JARDIN Invited trainer
9:00-12:00 Free access to all participants
Challenges and solutions for improving diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis in humans and animals
Shu-Hua Wang
Getnet Ali Yimer
Desalegne Degefaw
12:00-1:00 LUNCH (on your own)
1:00-3:15 Molecular Epidemiology Wondwossen Gebreyes
Mostafa Ghanem
Enrique Delgado-Suarez
3:15-3:30 BREAK – Salle du JARDIN
3:30-5:00 Molecular Epidemiology Wondwossen Gebreyes
Mostafa Ghanem
Enrique Delgado-Suarez
6:00-7:30 SOCIAL EVENT: Welcoming Cocktail - Espace Foyer des Plaines All


Day 1: September 24
Plenary sessions - Salle des Plaines Speakers
8:30-8:45 Welcoming participants and opening ceremony Manon Racicot (Local Comittee)
Wondwossen Grebreyes (ICOPHAI)
Christine Théorêt (FMV)
Joanne Riendeau (CFIA)
8:45-9:00 Introduction and presentation of keynote speaker Nicholas Ogden
9:00-10:00 Epidemiology and control of cysticercosis: an example of applying the One Health perspective approach in Burkina Faso Congress Keynote Speaker:
Hélène Carabin
10:00-10:15 BREAK – Espace Foyer des Plaines
10:15-11:00 The global public health signifiance of (asymptomatic) enteric infections from livestock reservoirs
Chair : Wondwossen Gebreyes and Shu-Hua Wang
Plenary Speaker:
Arie Havelaar
Session on food and environmental safety
Chair : Wondwossen Gebreyes and Shu-Hua Wang
Identification of food safety and animal health risk factors to be considered in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency s Establishment-based Risk Assessment model for Feed 
Virginie Lachapelle
11:00-12:00 11:15-11:30
Occurrence of listeria monocytogenes and listeria species in milk and soft cheese, antimicrobial susceptibility profiles and associated risk factors in debre birhan, Ethiopia 
Mehret Kefelegn
Persistence of Listeria monocytogenes in pig processing plants in association with quaternary ammonium resistance in Canada 
Philippe Fravalo
Lymph nodes from apparently healthy cattle are significant contributors to non-typhoidal Salmonella contamination in commercial ground beef 
Enrique Jesus Delgado Suarez
12:00-1:00 LUNCH – Salle de la Colline
1:00-1:30 POSTER PRESENTATION – Salle des Plaines
1:30-2:15 Climate change and the dynamics of vector-borne zoonoses in Canada
Chair: Rafael Vieira
Plenary Speaker
Nicholas Odgen
Session on climate change and vector-borne diseases
Chair : Nicholas Odgen and Rafael Vieira
2:15-2:45 2:15-2:30
Serological and molecular detection of camel trypanosomiasis in Somalia
Rafael Vieira
Anaplasma marginale in a multi-species grazing farm in Paraíba State, northeastern Brazil
Rafael Vieira
Hemoplasmas in Brazilian porcupines (Sphiggurus villosus) and collared anteaters (Tamandua tetradactyla) from Paraná state, southern Brazil  Preliminary data
Jessica Valente
3:00-3:15 BREAK – Espace Foyer des Plaines
Emergence of antimicrobial resistance in the era of drug use and misuse
Chair: Celso Oliveira
Panel members: Marie Archambault, Sylvain Quessy, Arie Havelaar
Panel Speaker
Pascal Sanders, for 20 minutes,
followed by a 25 min. discussion
Session on antimicrobial resistance
Chair: Marie Archambault et Marie-Lou Gaucher
Genetic Capitalism versus Stabilizing Selection of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Escherichia coli
Daniel Janies
4:00-5:00 4:15-4:30
Frequency and diversity of Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae recovered from untreated wastewater impacted by β-lactam antibiotics Cefotaxime and Meropenem in Ohio, USA
Rael Too
New insights into resistance to colistin in ESBL/AmpC-producing E. coli isolated from healthy broilers in Canada (Quebec), Senegal and Vietnam
Mohamed Rhouma
Measuring the short and long-term impacts of antibiotic withdrawal and reintroduction on the burden of antibiotic resistance on commercial broiler chicken farms
Marie-Lou Gaucher
6:00 COCKTAIL AND VIP GALA DINNER (Tribute to Lonnie King) – Salle des Plaines
FREE NIGHT In Québec City


Day 2: September 25
Plenary sessions - Salle des Plaines Speakers
8:30-9:15 Applying social and behavioral sciences for improving uptake of animal health best practices
Chair: Danielle Naugle and Manon Racicot
Plenary Speaker
David Kelton
Session on biosecurity and animal health risk management
Chair: Danielle Naugle and Manon Racicot
MLST databases represent valuable aid for epidemiologists that help in the identification of the source of infection and population structure
Mostafa Ghanem
Wondwossen Gebreyes
9:15-10:15 9:30-9:45
Using technology for improving on-farm biosecurity compliance
Manon Racicot
Regional biosecurity for controlling avian influenza
Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
Oak wood has antimicrobial activity against Acinetobacter baumanni isolates of human and animal origin
Muhammad Tanveer
10:15-10:30 BREAK – Espace Foyer des Plaines
Are animal production and sustainable environment compatible from a risk analysis perspective
Chair : Caroline Duchaine
Panel members: Pascal Sanders, Gilles Salvat, Margaret Molefe
Panel Speaker
Gilles Salvat for 20 minutes,
followed by a 25 min. discussion
11:15-12:00 Use of -OMICS in Solving Food- Water- and Vector-borne Diseases at the Interface of Humans, Animals and the Environment
Chairs: Enrique Delgado-Suarez and Philippe Fravalo
Plenary Speaker
Wondwossen Gebreyes
12:00-1:00 LUNCH – Salle de la Colline
Session on pathogenesis, vaccine development and risk management
Chairs: Enrique Delgado-Suarez and Philippe Fravalo
Delay in Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis is Associated with Increased Risk of Transmission in Pastoralist Setting, Ethiopia
Fentabil Getnet
1:00-2:00 1:15-1:30
Comparison of microbiological contamination of recycled manure solid bedding with straw bedding in dairies farms
Jessika Beauchemin
Surveillance, Risk Assessment, And Identification of Select Agents in Bushmeat Samples Collected in Tanzania
Robab Katani
Microbiota modulation as an aid to improve animal welfare and food safety in pig
Alexandre Thibodeau
Session on zoonotic diseases and environmental risk management
Chair: Barbara Kowalcyk and Alexandre Thibodeau
Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Evaluation of Rapid Bovine Tuberculosis Diagnostic Tests of Cattle in Central and South Gondar, North West Ethiopia
Seleshe Woldegebreal
Shu-Hua Wang
2:30-3:30 2:45-3:00
Microbiota modulation as a new avenue for controlling Campylobacter in broiler chickens
Alexandre Thibodeau
Evaluation of an Isoxazoline efficacy on a wild rodent reservoir of Lyme disease: a first step in the perspective to develop a public health intervention to reduce the disease transmission risk to human
Jerôme Pelletier
Setup and Tuning of a Continuous Feeding In Vitro Bioreactor to Mimic a Pig Intestinal Microbiota
Mathieu Bellerose
3:30-3:45 BREAK – Espace Foyer des Plaines
3:45-4:30 Future trends in the control of zoonotic parasitic diseases
Chair: Philippe Fravalo
Plenary Speaker
Christopher Fernandez Prada
Capacity Building of One Health taskforce: past, present and future
Chair: Lonnie J. King
Panel members: Getnet Yimer, Lauro Santos, Katey Pelican, and Margaret Molefe
6:00 – 22:00 COCKTAIL DINNER and ENTERTAINMENT – Salle Grande Allée
Rock in Time music group at 7:00/7:30 (all participants and accompanying person are invited) – Salle des Plaines


Day 3: September 26
Plenary sessions - Salle des Plaines Speakers
8:30-9:15 Basic steps in good risk communication
Chair: Catherine Bouchard and Manon Racicot
Plenary Speaker
Christoph Boehmert
Session on risk perception and communication
Chair: Catherine Bouchard and Manon Racicot
9:15-10:00 9:15-9:30
The Value-Add of Participatory Research Techniques to Inform Risk Communication Efforts: Insights from a Qualitative Study on Zika in the Dominican Republic
Tilly Gurman
Integrating Gender into Risk Communication for Zika: Findings from a Qualitative Study in the Dominican Republic
Tilly Gurman
Current Trends in Antimicrobial Resistance & Exploring Farmer Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in Five Counties in Kenya
Robert Onsare
10:00-10:15 BREAK –  Espace Foyer des Plaines
10:15-11:00 Community-informed risk communication: Insights from qualitative research in West Africa
Chair: Sylvain Quessy
Danielle Naugle
11:00-12:00 Poster and Oral Student Contests
Bidding for ICOPHAI 2021
Closing Remarks
Wondwossen Gebreyes
Sylvain Quessy