Travel and Accomodation



All Attendees:

If you are planning to attend ICOPHAI 2017 in November, please click here for a pre-departure checklist.

ICOPHAI 2017 will be hosted at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, located at the West Bay Lagoon, in the West Bay, Doha. The Ritz Carlton is offering discounted room rates for all ICOPHAI participants, please click on the link below to make a reservation:

Please click here for information on hotel policies, guest amenities, and local attractions.  Additional information about business events and services in Doha can be found at


Qatar University has generously agreed to host  a limited number of student attendees / travelers in their dormitories free of charge from November 7-9 ONLY. For Qatar University Housing Department regulations for students please click here




Visas: If you plan to attend the upcoming 4th ICOPHAI in Doha, Qatar from November 7-9, 2017 it is critical that you immediately contact our Local Organizing Committee to request and procure a Visa. While there are some countries that have Visa on Arrival or Visa Exemption agreements with Qatar, our affiliates in Doha recently recommended that you work with their office to secure a Visa in advance.  Please direct all related communication and follow-up inquiries to Sumaya Mhd.Suhaib Alzein as soon as possible for information and an official letter of invitation if needed at the following email addresses: and

For additional information on Qatar's visa exemption policy,  and other travel related information please click on the links below:



An International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) is required for entry. Additional information can be found here: