Please see attached for a pdf document of the schedule - ICOPHAI 2015 Congress Schedule

Monday August 3, 2015 – Wednesday August 5, 2015

0830 - 1630

Check in at the Conference Center for All Delegates
Pre-congress workshops

Thursday August 6, 2015 (Day 1 of ICOPHAI 2015)

0800 - 0900


0900 - 0915

ICOPHAI Introduction/Housekeeping Issues (Sec. General- P. Patchanee)

0915 - 0930

Welcome Address by ICOPHAI Local chair (Dean Khwanchai)

0930 - 0945

Opening Remarks by ICOPHAI chair (W. Gebreyes)

0945 - 1000

Opening Remarks and declaration- Opening of ICOPHAI 2015
(Assoc. Prof. Niwes Nantachit , MD, President of Chiang Mai University)

1000 – 1030

Refreshments and Networking Break


Ebola, MERS and other emerging viral diseases of zoonotic significance
Chairs: A. Hoet and T. Meeyam

1030 – 1115

Special Emphasis Presentation #1:
First Imported Case of MERS-CoV Infection in Thailand
Wacharapluesadee S.; WHO Collaborating Center for Viral Zoonoses, Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, Thailand

1115 – 1130

Searching for Ebola: insights and implications from an analytical study of Google Trends-based query volumes
Bragazzi N.L., Alicino C., Orsi A., Faccio V., Amicizia D., Panatto D., Gasparini R. & Icardi G.

1130 – 1145

Epidemiological Survey of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever Virus in Cattle in East Darfur State, Sudan
Ibrahim A.

1145 – 1245

Lunch and Networking


Operationalizing One Health and Impact on Development
Chairs: S. Quessy and W. Gebreyes

1245 - 1330

Plenary Presentation
Thiravat Hemachudha, Professor and Director, WHO Collaborating Center for Viral Zoonoses, Chulalongkorn Univ., Bangkok, Thailand
“One Health: does it help?  View from a different angle”

1330 - 1345

Setting priorities on zoonoses in developing and developed countries: key step to One Health policy making
Cediel N., DeMeneghi D., Villamil L.C., Conte V., Tiberti D., Tomassone L., Romero J., Guiso P. & Renteria L.

1345 - 1400

Air Quality Assessment and Health: Kenya Country Levels, International Perspectives and Impact on Pollutants on Human and Animal Health
Ogara E.

1400 - 1415

Soi Dog Foundation: Mitigating the Risks from Stray Dogs in Thailand by Promoting Animal Welfare and the One Health Concept
Polak, Katherine

1415 – 1430

Scaling down One Health Approaches to District Local Governments and Communities through One Health Leadership Training in the Albertine Ecosystem in Uganda
Mugisha L., Rwegog I., Manukose E., Bukenya J., Bazeyo W., Majalija S., Kiguli J., Kabagambe G., Kabasa J.D., Farnham M. & Pelican K.

1430 - 1445

Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices of health practitioners and students towards rabies in Kirkos sub city Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Nigatu S., Honelegn D., Mammo H. & Kassa T.

1445 - 1515

Refreshments and Networking Break / Poster Presentation

1515 - 1545

Special Emphasis Presentation #2

One Health Model Implementation – Global Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Rabies Prevention and control Model systems
Gebreyes W.


Foodborne and Waterborne Zoonoses
Chairs: C.B. Oliveira and D. Asrat

1545 - 1630

Plenary Session by Sylvain Quessy
“Risk assessment of food producing establishments, a key component of a national food safety control system”

1630 – 1645

Genetic characterization of porcine group A rotaviruses in asymptomatic pigs in smallholder farms in East Africa: Detection of P[6] and P[8] genotypes resembling human strains
Amimo J., Junga J., Djikeng A., Saif L., Okoth E. & Bishop R.

1645 - 1700

Outbreak of tuberculosis in a flock of sheep kept with a dairy farm in Ethiopia Gelalcha B.D., Zewude A. & Chimdi G.A.

1700 - 1730

Special Emphasis presentation #3:
ICOPHAI Consortium Presentation (VPH-Biotech core leader)


End of Scientific Session- Day 1



1900 - 1945

Cultural Dinner and presentation
(Introduction of speaker by Co-chair Prof. Pongruk, Vice President for Planning, Chiang Mai University)

Ohio State: A Land-Grant University Engaging the World
William I. Brustein, Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs


Friday August 7, 2015 (Day 2 of ICOPHAI 2015)

0900 - 0915

ICOPHAI Recap/Housekeeping Issues


Antimicrobial Resistance, Alternatives and New Antimicrobial Agents
Chairs: P. Patchanee and T. Alter

0900 - 0930

Special Emphasis Presentation #3:
Future Considerations on the Veterinary Antibiotic Pipeline
Thomas Shryock, Consultant on Antimcirobials, Greenfield, IN, USA

0930 - 0945

Nasal carriage of Staphylococcus aureus in abattoir workers and livestock from Busia County, Kenya
Obanda B., Cook A., Fevre E., Wang S., Bebora L., Ngetich R., Mwituria J., Ogara W., Thaiyah A., Kariuki S. & Gebreyes W.

0945 – 1000

Prevalence and molecular mechanisms of resistance to quinolone and b-lactam antimicrobial agents in non-typhoidal Salmonella isolates from humans and animals in central Ethiopia
Eguale T., Birungi J., Niahira M., Gebreyes W., Asrat D., Gunn J., Engidawork E. & Djikeng A.

1000 - 1015

Antimicrobial and genetic profiles of Escherichia coli of strains recovered from humans, animals and environmental specimen from two rural homesteads in Kenya
Kariuki S., Butaye P., Goddeeris B. & Kiiru J.

1015 - 1030

Veterinary pharmaceuticals in South African environment: Status of investigation
Molefe S.M., McCrindle C., Botha C. & Naidoo V.

1030 - 1100

Refreshments and Networking Break


Vector-borne Zoonoses, Environment and Role of Wildlife
Chairs: S. Boonmar and R. Kazwala

1100 – 1145

Plenary Presentation
Jonna Mazet, Director USAID-PREDICT, UC Davis, CA
“Proof of Concept – Building capacity to detect viruses of pandemic concern at the animal-human interface”

1145 – 1200

Wildlife surveillance for emerging infectious diseases of high zoonotic risk in Uganda: Strengthening Epidemic Preparedness and Response
Ssebide B.J., Cranfield M., Gilardi K. & Mazet J.

1200 - 1215

Drinking water quality in rural Far North, Cameroon: analysis of contamination sources, hygiene behaviors, and health outcomes
Gorham T., Yoo J., Garabed R. & Lee J.

1215 – 1230

Ecology and Epidemiology of Environmental MRSA in Human and Animal Healthcare Settings: The Spillover Scenario
van Balen J., Nava-Hoet R., Wittum T., Dyce J., Kohn J., Stevenson K., Wang S. & Hoet A.

1230 - 1245

Enzoonotic Chikungunya virus circulating in urban-restricted non-human primates: Possible sources of human outbreaks in Kenya
Jeneby M., Villinger J., Lekolool I., Masiga D. & Sang R.

1245 - 1300

Serological study of pig associated viral zoonotic pathogens in Bhutan
Monger V., Stegeman A., Koop G., Vanderpoel W., Hazke R. & Loeffen W.

1300 - 1430

Lunch and Networking


Genomics, Pathogen Detection Systems and Geographic Medicine
Session Chairs: A. Djikeng and K. Lim

1430 - 1515

Plenary Presentation
Lee Riley, Profession and Chair, Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA
“Pandemic dissemination of extraintestinal pathogenic E. coli lineages--how?”

1515 – 1530

Metagenomic analysis demonstrates the diversity of fecal virome in asymptomatic pigs in East Africa
Amimo J., Okoth E., Bishop R., Vlasoba A., Saif L. & Apollinaire D.

1530 – 1545

Quantitative Method for Detecting Vibrio Species Using Bio-Theta DOXTM System
Tanno S., Fukui N., Utaka Y., Ohkawa S., Morita Y. & Boonmar S.

1545 - 1630

Refreshments and Networking Break / Poster Presentation

15:45-16:05- Sponsor presentation- Public Health Preparedness for Infectious Diseases (PHPID)
Dr. Kathleen Marriott, PHPID, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

1630 – 1645

Prevalence, antimicrobial resistance and risk factors for thermophilic Campylobacter infections in symptomatic and asymptomatic humans in Tanzania
Komba E., Mdegela R., Msoffe P., Nielsen L. & Ingmer H.

1645 – 1700
Development of a high-throughput sequencing method to identify Anisakidae species in fish
Seesao Y., Audebert, C., Gay M., Thébault A., Verrez-Bagnis V., Cos I., Bourgau O., Dupouy-Camet J., Viscogliosi E. & Aliouat-Denis C.

1700 - 1715

Special Emphasis presentation #4:
ICOPHAI Consortium Presentation (VPH-Biotech core leader)


End of Scientific Session- Day 2


Saturday August 8, 2015 (Day 2 of ICOPHAI 2015)

0900 - 0915

ICOPHAI Recap/Housekeeping Issues


Immunology and Vaccine Development
Chairs: S. Kariuki and T. Shryock

0915 - 1000

Plenary Session by Abhay Satoskar, Vice Chair, Dept. of Pathology,
“Vaccines for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs): Current status and future”

1000 - 1015

Vaccine Development against Visceral Leishmaniasis in Non-Human Primate Model: Use of High Potential Adjuvants
Mutiso J., Gicheru M., Taracha E. & Macharia J.

1015 - 1030

Anti-Leishmania donovani antibodies enhance promastigotes internalization into host macrophage
Sharief A.

1030 - 1100

Coffee/ tea break and networking

1100 - 1130

Special Presentation #5:
ICOPHAI Consortium Presentation (VPH-Biotech core leader)

1130 - 1200

Closing Remarks-
S. Boonmar, Co-chair, Int’l Organizing committee
Prof. Pongruk Sribanditmongkol, Honorary Co-Chair of ICOPHAI 2015


1200 - 1230

ICOPHAI 2017 Bidding and Closing Ceremony

12:30 - 1400

Lunch and networking